The story of two paths connecting into one to promote empowerment and selflessness



The story of two paths connecting into one to promote empowerment and selflessness


Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived two sisters, Ana and Bella. Even though their parents were royalty, they always taught them the importance of being kind, courteous and to lend a helping hand. When it was time for Ana to be crowned queen of the valley, taking on responsibility of service above all else, Bella was curious to see what her role as princess would be like. On inauguration day, both their crowns lay, glistening in the moonlight.

“Think about the color silver, it has a universal quality that matches everyone no matter what you look like. Back in the day, crowns were worn just to mean wealth and prosperity, but in this generation every bearer of a crown brings a unique perspective. I don’t wear the crown because of looks, wear it as a symbol to help empowering my community to make a change. When people see me wearing this crown, they see a symbol of hope.” 

“But Ana, your crown is bigger than my crown, I want a bigger crown” 

“The size of the crown doesn’t matter, there is always going to be a bigger crown in life. People always think that obtaining the biggest crown is their only goal, but little do they know that when you put together all the small crowns within the community it can create a larger impact than just one.”

“That makes sense. Ana, you know what I want to do?”

“What would you like to do Bella”

Bella curious and confused had so many questions running through her mind, “Why is the crown silver” “What will my expectation or legacy be” “Why does Ana get a bigger crown than me?”. She looked over at her sister, who seemed to be so calm despite the surrounding excitement. “Ana, why are you so calm???” 

“Bella, many people work their whole lives to earn a crown, little do they know the true symbolism behind it. If you look at a crown, what do you see?”

Bella took the crown, looked at the top of it, then turned it upside down, and finally sat it back down “It is silver and shiny!”


“I want to create a Crownmunity where I can work with everyone within my community who are creating their legacy and raising their voice. I want all of our small crowns to come together and dazzle like stars in the sky.”

And ever since the inauguration Ana worked to listen and be the support for her community and Bella worked to shed light on those continuing to raise their voice. 

Legend has it that on the 17th year of the 21st century, the crown of both Ana and Bella would reappear with the chosen one who was destined to bring light to the crownmunity once again.

Sightings of Ana and Bella separately have been noted all throughout the area, but the true power will come when they come together. 

The legacy of “Anabella” will continue to hold true as long as the bearer of the crown promotes hope, unity, and to always raise your voice within the crownmunity.

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